Hartman Partners

Coming up with new and innovative ways for you to enjoy your garden is what we do here at Hartman. Once again we have collaborated with a distinctive and well established brand.

David Domoney

ITV1’s Love Your Garden presenter, David Domoney has been Hartman’s brand ambassador for 10 years. David’s many years of experience in the garden industry marries with Hartman’s flair for creating furniture of superior comfort and quality.

"In today's world, full of the pressures of work and family life, escaping to the garden is the antidote we need to keep our minds and our bodies healthy. Whether you’re planting gorgeous blooms, growing your own crops or relaxing in your own personal oasis, getting close to nature is a fantastic way to boost your mental and physical health. These beautiful furniture sets give you and your loved ones the chance to unwind together in your outdoor space, lifting your mood and keeping you on form for dealing with all of the challenges that modern life throws at you."

David Domoney Cast Range from Hartman